The Art of Ricky Hamilton

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  The Artist

The visions in my mind are where my inspiration comes from- Ricky Hamilton 


  I am an artist by the name of Ricky Nelson Hamilton. I'm originally from a small Northern community called Cross Lake.

 My artwork is mostly the outdoors and wild life (natural and spiritual). It’s all how I see it through my eyes and in my mind.

I’m a self-taught artist. I also like to explore other styles of painting. I paint with acrylic, airbrush, and I carve antlers.

My father was the one who noticed I had talent and persuaded me to start painting. I continued on with this and it's been years of 10. I have been told by quite a number of people that I have a gift... And I feel that I need to use it and get my work out there. This is my goal. And I am determined to make something of myself. I am blessed to have this gift of creativity and my paintings are here for the world to see.


animals in the wild