The Art of Ricky Hamilton

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 Ricky Hamilton was born in Thompson, Manitoba August 28, 1988. He grew up in Cross Lake, Manitoba graduating from Otter Nelson River Collegiate in 2008. He was the first to graduation high school of 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

When he was 13 years old his dad first inspired him to get into painting. After that initial introduction to art he was self taught.  He has been told by a number of people
that he has a gift and he feels that he needs to use it to the utmost. 

 "I was always told never to give up on anything. My family strongly believes in me and that means a lot to me. When I paint I use a number of bright shades and colors to enhance my art. I enjoy spending time with my family out at the cabin and outdoors and while I'm out there I study the trees, water, reflections, sunsets, northern lights and other nature factors that are present."

 Ricky has also began to broaded his artistic abilities. About 3 years ago he began to carve antelers which he plans to continue pursueing. While art is one of his top passions he has a number of other talents that he loves.

He is known by a number of his friends and family as "The Athlete" due to his natural athletic abilities. He has played a number of sports but one that he is most passionate about is running. He has been running in various races and marathons since he was 13 years old. Currently he is interested in attending the University Of Manitoba to pursure his art and join the Manitoba Bisons track team. This is his goal at hand. He is determined to make something of himself whether it be for his artistic ablity or his passion for the track.